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Chakra Bracelet V0314

Chakra Bracelet V0314

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Chakra colors represent your spiritual health as well as your physical and emotional state of being. These colors complimented with 14k gold balls fuse to create a beautifully designed bracelet.

Red, a strong physical color, promotes a feeling of being grounded and connected to the earth.

Orange, an energizing and creative color, promotes the feeling of warmth and security.

Yellow, a strong emotional color, encourages confidence and friendliness.

Green, a healthy color, entices a general feeling of well-being and good health.

Blue, an intellectual color, displays intelligence and trustworthiness.

Indigo, a very spiritual color, gives the sense of wisdom and spiritually developed.

Violet, a universal color, promotes the feeling of being connected with all.


This Chakra Bracelet for women is great for gifts for mom and brides maid jewelry. Even for Mother in Law gift. A minimalist bracelet that they will surely like. One of the best creation by Valla Jewelry on our diamond jewelry collection. 

We also do personalized bracelet like dainty bracelet, couple bracelet, Friendship bracelet , custom name bracelet (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, birthstone or gemstone bracelet). Same with necklaces, earrings and rings for him and rings for her. Available in 10k Gold, 14k Gold and 18k Gold.

Let us help you feel glamorous and confident. Email us for any custom jewelry you need!

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